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How nice that you have reserved a photobooth with us! We will work with the answers from the questionaaire and wil prepare the photoframe and transport. On this page you can get inspiration about how to make using the photobooth even more fun.



For only €37.50 create even more atmosphere in your photos with our wall lighting! Easily and quickly choose the background color of your photos for more differentiation! Let us know via WhatsApp or email if you want to add this lighting to your order!



Nice extra?

In addition to the photobooth, create extra lasting memories with our audio guestbook.

Do you rent a photobooth from us? Then you will receive a €50 discount on the audio guestbook. The reason why we can give this big discount is because we only lose the audio guestbook for 1 day and we can easily transport it with the photobooth, which saves shipping costs.

More info about audio guestbook rental


Audioguestbook rental

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  • The photo booth prints 2 strips for each photo session

  • The base is 40 x 45 cm

  • The ideal distance from the camera to any rear wall is 2 to 2.5 meters

  • The lamp on the photo booth can be operated from the back

  • The photo booth requires 1 power connection



for the photobooth.

  • Photo props are very popular when using the photo booth. You cannot purchase these from us, but you can order them from Aliexpress or Hema, among others

  • By giving extra attention to the background, the photos become even more fun. We see that balloons, pillars or other attributes are regularly placed in the background. It is also possible to have a banner printed as a background. We recommend a size of 2.5 x 2.5 meters for this

  • Do you want a physical souvenir of the photo strips? Then buy a blank booklet, glue stick and pen and ask your guests to stick one of the two photo strips in the booklet and write a nice message with it.

  • An audio guestbook is the way to keep the memories of your event alive. It offers your guests the opportunity to record their congratulations, personal messages and stories. It is a unique keepsake that you can listen to and cherish for years to come.


In case of


There is a lot of electronics built into the photo booth and this means that there is always a chance that it will freeze for whatever reason. On the back of the photo booth there is a sticker with a URL where you can find how to solve a possible malfunction. If this does not work, we can be reached via WhatsApp.

Photobooth sign

Hey, did you order a photobooth guestbook? Then make it even more fun by adding a sign! This way, you guests can be sure that they can show off their most beautiful poses and leave their dearest wishes.


The Hema offers various photobooth props such as:

view hema's photoprops here

Glitter curtain

It's always nice to have a special background for your photos. And what better than a glitter curtain to add that extra special touch?

With a glitter curtain, you immediately create a festive atmosphere. The glitter sparkles and creates an eye-catching backdrop that's perfect for photos. Moreover, there are two different colors to choose from, silver and gold. This way, you can choose the color that best suits the style of your event.
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