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Coverband wedding

Do you want to hire a professional wedding coverband? 
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Hire De Jongens van Je Weet Wel
2.995,00 excl. btw.
  • All-round
  • Sing-alongs
  • Requests
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Hire the Originals band
7.995,00 excl. btw.
  • All-round
  • Requests
  • Sing-alongs
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Coverband wedding rental

Our wedding bands have taken many wedding parties to a higher level and are ready for live music on your wedding day. Many bridal couples want to book live music for their wedding party because this gives an extra dimension to the party. A wedding band often plays popular music, something specializing in a specific genre. The right coverband for you depends on your taste. If you are still hesitating between renting a band for a wedding or a wedding DJ, we would like to share our experience with you.

Which band to hire for the wedding?

If you have a specific preference for rock, a rock coverband might suit you. If you are a big fan of The Beatles, then a Beatles coverband is a good option. If you cannot choose, you can book, for example, a request coverband. A request coverband only plays songs that are requested so that it will be a feast of recognition. At Djunes, you have an extensive choice of different bands, singers, and acts for your wedding.

How long does a coverband play at a wedding?

Some wedding bands play 1x90 minutes, and others even 4x 45 minutes, but on average most bands at weddings play an average of 3x45 minutes on an evening. This means that booking a coverband does not mean you have a full evening programme. A DJ often spins before the wedding band starts, during breaks and afterwards. It is also possible to put on a break music yourself on the speakers of the band. If you really want to go all out, you can hire an artist before the breaks or after the band who will turn the party upside down in half an hour.

Band wedding costs

How much does booking a wedding band cost? The cost of a wedding band has to do with many factors. Some coverbands are more expensive because they are more famous or play with a large line-up. The price can change if a live band has to play shorter or longer or if a longer distance has to be covered. Wedding bands with a large repertoire that play requests are often more expensive than a wedding band with a small repertoire. You can already book a small or amateur band from €500, while a professional or large band starts at €2.000. Well-known bands cost €4.000 to €10.000.

How to book a band for a wedding?

Have you found a live band that you want to hire for your wedding party or beach wedding, please contact us. This can be done via the contact page or on the page of the act or coverband. After setting the date and giving us your contact details, we check whether the artists are available. If the coverband is not available, we will offer alternatives. If the wedding band is available, we will put an option on this band for you. If you confirm the live band, we draw up a contract and discuss all the details to ensure that everything runs smoothly on the agreed date.

wedding music and live music wedding

Wedding music can be different at every wedding party. This has to do with the wishes of the bridal couple. Before the start of the party, you discuss your wedding music wishes with us. Based on your favorite songs, we advise which wedding bands or wedding DJ suits you best.

Live muziek during diner

At some wedding locations, it is not possible to book coverbands. Sometimes this is due to the lack of space or because the locations does not have a permit for this. If you still want to hear live music from a cool singer, then live music during dinner is often a solution.

This can be done, for example, in the form of an acoustic duo, pianist, guitarist, or acoustic trio. With their lover volume, these acts take the situation into account, so that there can still be pleasant conversation during dinner.

What do you need to know when booking a wedding band or wedding dj?

  • Avoid hiring light an sound twice. Consult with the wedding band and the wedding DJ about who will bring what to the party so that you avoid double costs.
  • A DJs sound set is sometimes not suitable for live music. Should the wedding coverband use the DJs sound set, make sure that the wedding band has reviewed it well in advance.
  • A wedding band can't play non-stop all night. Most wedding bands play 3 sets of 45 minutes each evening. First, think about when you want the wedding band to start and end, then plan the set times.
  • Make a time schedule in advance when the wedding party band and wedding DJ will perform, but don't be afraid to deviate slightly from this on the evening. Not all evenings are the same. Musicians and wedding DJs see a lot of parties and therefore feel that it is sometimes to move something in the playing times.
  • Make good agreements about who sets up and breaks down, and when. Make sure the locations is aware of this so that they also know where they stand.
  • Stage or not? Some locations do not lend themselves to a podium because the ceiling is too low, for example. If possible, we recommend booking a stage. As a result, the coverband has more eye contact with the audience and there will be more interaction between the band and the audience.
  • Discuss in advance with the location whether the power sufficient. Of course, you don't want the power to go out when the wedding band starts.
If you book a wedding band, wedding DJ, or wedding photobooth at Djunes, we will help you to ensure that this is arranged down to the last detail. Request a non-binding offer. Have you not been able to find what you are looking for on our website? We are happy to help you find the right coverband with personal contact.