How expensive is a dj?

How much does a DJ cost?

Calculate it with our tool.


A DJ costs from €425 and the costs for a drive-in DJ start at €675. Calculate the DJ costs for your party here. 

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DJ basic show
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DJ show with white scaffolding wooden DJ booth
The DJ show with extensive light show comes standard with a computer-controlled light show.
DJ show with extensive light show
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+ 495.00
+ 495.00
+ 495.00
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How much does a DJ cost?

Hiring a DJ: The price of a DJ has to do with a number of factors. Certain DJs are more expensive that others because they are nationally known or because they bring a bigger DJ show. The price can also change if a DJ has to spin longer or shorter or if he has to travel a longer distance. Some DJs have a different rate on Friday and Saturday because the most parties are on these days.

Costs of booking a DJ

Apart from the all-round DJs or wedding DJs, there are costs for light and sound. Drive-in shows are DJ shows with light and sound. The additional cost if a DJ plays for more than 4 hours is on average around 75 to 125 euros per hour.

Use the tool above to give an impression of what a DJ or DJ show costs.