How much money should you give as a wedding gift?

The wedding season is approaching, prompting the age-old question: how much should you contribute to the wedding envelope? Many wedding invitations suggest a cash gift, but determining the appropriate amount can be a challenge. To assist you, we've outlined some practical guidelines to ensure you give the right amount for the occasion.

1. Consider the Envelope and Your Financial Situation

No one wants you to struggle financially after generously contributing to the wedding envelope, especially not you, and certainly not the happy couple. Always assess your own financial situation first. If you anticipate upcoming expenses or find yourself temporarily between jobs, adjust the wedding gift amount accordingly. After all, the couple invited you for who you are, not the size of your wallet. Additionally, consider treating the newlyweds to a delightful post-wedding lunch, providing an excellent opportunity to catch up.

2. Tailor the Gift Amount to Your Relationship

The nature of your relationship with the couple is a key factor in determining the gift amount. Whether they are close family, valued colleagues, or distant acquaintances, those closer to you can receive a more generous gift. It's perfectly acceptable to differentiate the wedding gift based on your relationship. Adjust the amount based on additional costs you may have incurred, such as booking a hotel stay or investing in a new wardrobe for the event. Don't forget to factor in expenses from the bachelor or bachelorette party when considering your contribution.

3. Distinguish Between Day Guest and Evening Guest

Weddings typically have two or three segments, and your role as a guest can vary. If you're invited for the entire day, including the ceremony and reception, a higher cash gift is customary. Align the amount with what you would typically spend on drinks, appetizers, and dinner. For those invited solely to the reception or evening festivities, a slightly smaller contribution is acceptable.

As an example, if you're an evening guest, a wedding venue assumes an average consumption of 2.5 drinks per hour. Suppose the couple has pre-paid for drinks. In that case, your estimated cost for the evening (averaging 4 hours at €4.50 to €8 per hour, depending on the location) is €25. If you have a plus one, consider doubling that amount to €50.

How Much Will You Give at a Wedding?

Following these guidelines will help you determine the appropriate cash gift for a wedding. Take some time to reflect on it, but don't let it become a source of stress. Ultimately, your presence and the shared celebration with the couple are what truly matter.

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