Photobooth frames

Here at Djunes we offer several options to choose a photo frame that perfectly suits your event. After signing the quote, you will automatically receive a questionnaire in which you can choose the photo frame, among other things. Read more about our three options for creating a personalized photo frame below:

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Create a photoframe using canva

Would you like to get creative and design your own unique photo frame? That's possible! We've created a handy Canva project where you can create your own photoframe. Choose the option "Create your own via Canva" in the questionnaire. You will receive the project from us by email as soon as possible. Follow the instructions in Canva and customize your photoframe to your liking. Once done, you can easily save the end result and send it to us.

photo booth frame canva

Template with 2 photos

Template with 3 photos

(most chosen)

Template with 4 photos


Are you handy with Photoshop and would you like to have full control over the design of your photoframe? Then you can choose to create your own photo frame using Photoshop. Make sure the design is a .png-file with dimensions of 600x1800 pixels (2x6 ratio). After you have created the photoframe, you can email the .png file to We then ensure that your photoframe is perfectly integrated into our photo booth.

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Choose a photoframe template

If you don't have time to design a photoframe yourself, you can always take a look at This website offers a wide variety of beautiful photoframe templates for your to choose from. Go to the desired photo frame's page on and copy the URL. Paste the URL into the "url field" of the questionnaire. Also let us know which specific adjustments you would like under "details", so that we can adjust the photoframe to your wishes. We will adjust this and share it with you well before the event starts so that you can make some final modifications if necessary.

See what the templates look lke below:


Photobooth photostrips are a fun and unique way to capture memories at parties and special occasions. These small prints, usually in comic form, are a fun collection of photos of the guests at the party or occasion. You will also receive the photos digitally via Wetransfer after the event.

The photostrips can be kept as a reminder of the occasion and are often hung as decoration. Some people also attach them to their guestbook, making them a fun way to look back on the event and guests who attended.